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You know what I wish, that I could freeze time! Seriously, couldn’t you just stare at your children for days? I remember when my son was a baby, I couldn’t imagine him as a “big boy”. He was my baby and he would be that way forever. I swore I would remember every pursed lip, toothless grin, and slobbery kiss. Ok, so I do still remember those kisses pretty well. But just like everyone said, his “babyhood” was over before I knew it. I look back on photos of him as a baby, and almost can’t believe how little he was. Those photos are priceless to me now as I cling to the memories of my sweet dark haired baby boy.

Now, he is well on his way to becoming an amazing little gentleman. My biggest goal these days is to capture as many of those fleeting moments as I can. I now know how the littlest detail caught in a photo can bring back the best memories. These are the things that I love. These are the little details that I want to remember forever. And these are the things I would love to document for you and your family.

The best images come from a genuine place. My job is to find the excitement in your big day, the expectant couple, the inquisitive in your toddler, and the true beauty of your teen. I enjoy photographing people while they are interacting, rather than posing. But, there is a place for both. I aim to customize each session to the personalities and expectations of each client I work with.

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Life is an awfully big adventure …

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